Kenneth John Odle

I make things on the web.

I create web sites...

I operate d12 Web Design and Development, which specializes in web sites for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. It’s mostly just me, but I have a couple of friends who work with me as consultants, so I tend to use “we” and “us” a lot.

I strive to show my clients how to leverage the power of a website to achieve their goals, and maintain both a blog and a wiki that show them how to do just that.

I create content...

The power of the internet is that people can create interesting things, and then get together to share those things. The more people create and share great content, the better a place the internet will be.

I create software...

I’ve been designing websites since HTML3, back when animated backgrounds were cool. (I also remember the good old days of BASIC programming.) These days, I tend to create stuff in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, with occasional dips into MySQL. I also know just enough shell commands to be dangerous.

I use and love open source software. Two open source packages that I use a lot are WordPress and GetSimple.

I contribute...

In addition to my working on my own things, I also contribute to various support and documentation efforts on the web.

You can interact with me:

I have other interests, too....

There are a number of other open source software packages that I like to use. These include:

I am a very busy person. I like it that way.


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